Gentil Cine

Atlas / Guadalupe Gaona, Ignacio Masllorens


Cuqui Jakob recalls anecdotes of her grandfather Christofredo Jakob, an important German neurobiologist hired by the Argentine government as head of the laboratory of the National Hospital of Alienated to modernize its mental institutions at the beginning of the 20th century. In this return to the hospital, lost photographic collections are discovered, reminiscent of the old cabinets of curiosities: stuffed animals, brain slices, mountains, explorers, hundreds of portraits of female patients. In a disruptive way, Kookie and her daughter reappear, contradicting each other with their stories that lead the film to the mountaintops. Mother and daughter become rivals, and thus the discourse of scientific positivism, madness and the myth of a condor flying over the ruined archive.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 86 min.
Year: 2021
Director: Guadalupe Gaona e Ignacio Masllorens
Script: Guadalupe Gaona e Ignacio Masllorens
Production: Agustín Gagliardi
Production companies: Gentil Cine, El Rayo Verde, Las Siete Puntas
Director of photography: Guadalupe Gaona e Ignacio Masllorens
Sound Direction: Pablo Orzeszko
Editing: Guadalupe Gaona e Ignacio Masllorens
Original music: Ezequiel Kronenberg
Available projection format: DCP

Awards and festivales