Gentil Cine

The pleasure is mine / Sacha Amaral


Antonio (20), wanders the streets of Buenos Aires in search of money and sex. The magnetism he exerts on the people who cross his path allows him to steal and cheat them. Only his mother, with whom he has a confictual relationship, will get over his feeling of impunity and will push him to leave for a trip to the south of Argentina.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 90 min.
Cast: Max Suen, José Orozco, Sofía Palomino, Katja Alemann, Vladimir Duran, Julián Larquier Tellarini, Paco Fernández Onainty
Script and direction: Sacha Amaral
Executive production: Agustín Gagliardi, Soledad Mariel Fernández
Director of photography: Pedro Knoll
Sound: Carmen Levitman y Marcos Zoppi (Zub sonido)
Direct Sound: Carmen Levitman
Art and costume: Sol González
Production Manager: Wila Willis
Edition: Florencia Gómez García
Music: José Orozco
Co-produced by: Franck Thoraval, Protest Studio, Ricardo Galdeano y Sacha Amaral.