Gentil Cine

The pleasure is mine / Sacha Amaral


Antonio, a 20-year-old young man, sells marijuana and builds connections with people he meets through apps, taking advantage of them to steal money. Living with his mother is problematic, and the growing urge to escape leads the young man to leave on a journey of no return to a southern destination.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 94 min.
Year: 2024
Cast: Max Suen, Sofía Palomino, Katja Alemann, Vladimir Duran, Julián Larquier Tellarini, José Vicente Orozco
Director and script:Sacha Amaral
Executive Producer:Agustín Gagliardi
Photo:Pedro Knoll
Color:Pedro Knoll
Post Producction: Inés Duacastell
Sound: Marcos Zoppi / Emiliano Biaiñ / ZUB
Direct sound: Carmen Lavintman
Asist direction:Manuel Besebdovsky
Art:Sol González
Edition: Florencia Gómez García, Mauricio Escobar Durán
Music: José Vicente Orozco
Production: Gentil Cine Srl en coproducción con Franck Thoraval, Protest Studio, Quadrophenia Films
Distribution: Patra Spanou

Awards and festivals