Gentil Cine

The Face of the Jellyfish / Melisa Liebenthal


Marina’s face suddenly changed. As in a Kafka-esque nightmare, in her early thirties, her face ceased to be what it was. Who is she now? Through Marina’s story, the film delves into a reflection around the meaning of the face, emblem of our identity and nerve center of how we connect with others, human or non-human. Can we be somebody beyond our face, beyond our image?

Technical specifications

Cast: Rocío Stellato, Vladimir Durán, Federico Sack, Alicia Labraga, Irene Bosch y Roberto liebenthal
Runtime: 77 min.
Year: 2022
Direction: Melisa Liebenthal
Script: Melisa Liebenthal, Agustín Godoy
Production: Eugenia Campos Guevara, Agustín Gagliardi
Production Companies: Gentil cine & Zona audiovisual.
Director of Photography: Inés Duacastella
Sound Direction: Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
Editing: Florencia Gomez García
DArt Direction: Lucas Koziarski
Costume: Flora Calligiuri
Original music: Inés Copertino
Available projection format: DCP
Distributed by: Gentil cine srl y Sidestreet Studio (EEUU & Canadá)

Awards and festivals