Gentil Cine

The only children / Alba Gaviraghi


A student revolution breaks out in the streets and reggaeton is playing loudly in the disco. In the middle of the dance floor, Antonia (15), the only daughter of a single mother, dances to stop thinking. The school trip to Bariloche, Argentina is approaching and Antonia does not know if she will be able to go to this initiatory rite of adolescence. First, she must find a father she doesn’t know to sign a permission to leave the country. Mariana (45), her close and loving mother, for the first time refuses to help her and Antonia begins the search on her own and in secret. The relationship between the two weakens; the high school is taken, her mother loses her job and the atmosphere at home becomes unbearable; only the parties and her pokemon friends keep Antonia afloat. After several unsuccessful attempts to find him, and thanks to the help of a half-sister Tamara (17) with whom she interestedly resumes contact, Antonia manages to find her father. With him comes the signature she longed for and also something she did not expect from this journey: the certainty that she is only her mother’s daughter and that identity goes beyond a haircut.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 100 minutos
Direction: Alba Gaviraghi
Script: Alba Gaviraghi
Executive production: Alba Gaviraghi y Eugenia Campos Guevara
Co-produced by: Agosto Cine (Chile), Gentil Cine (Argentina)