Gentil Cine

The prince of Nanawa / Clarisa Navas


A footbridge divides Argentina from Paraguay. Both Guarani and Spanish languages float in the air. People run around trafficking all things imaginable. In the midst of this dizzying pace, I met Angel when he was nine years old. The first time I heard him speak I was so moved that I promised we would meet again. A year later, I came back and we started making a movie together. After nine years, the passage from childhood to adolescence unfolds in these images surrounded by questions, absences and a unique strength to live and to resist against everything.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 120 minutos
Direction: Clarisa Navas
Production and camera: Lucas Olivares y Clarisa Navas
Director´s assistans: Liz Haedo
Executive production: Eugenia Campos Guevara
Sound: Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
Co-production companies: Gentil Cine (Argentina) y Tekoha Audiovisual (Paraguay)