Gentil Cine

Animal Hospital / Juan Renau


In a world where communication between humans and animals remains a mystery, a fundamental question arises: do animals suffer? At the Teaching Hospital, people bring their pets for relief, while future veterinarians learn and practice how to relieve animal pain.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 26 min.
Year: 2018
Direction: Juan Renau
Director´s assistant: Agustín Godoy
Production companies: Gentil cine SRL y Topshot films
Producers: Eugenia Campos Guevara, Agustín Gagliardi, Robin Robles & Arthur Goisset
Director of photography: Juan Renau
Available projection format: DCP
Sound direction: Marcos Canosa, Nicolás Payueta
Editing: Santiago Esteves
Color: Inés Duacastella
VFX: Martín Larrea
Graphic Design: Leandro Ibarra

Awards and festivals