Gentil Cine

Constanza / Melisa Liebenthal


Constanza, a housemaid of meticulous and almost obsessive gestures, works at Irene’s house, a 65 year old woman in a wheelchair. A snapshot of a meeting between two lonely people.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 26 min.
Year: 2018
Script and Direction: Melisa Liebenthal
Cast: Constanza Lucía Florentín e Irene Bosch
Production: Eugenia Campos Guevara
Director of photography: Juan Renau
Available projection format: DCP
Editing: Muriel Bucher, Melisa Liebenthal
Sound edition: Kevin Junger, Luc Aureille
Sound mixing: Felipe Solari Yrigoyen
Director assistance: Felipe Solari Yrigoyen
Banner and headline design: Leandro Ibarra
Co-produced by: Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Awards and festivals