Gentil Cine

The Pretty Ones / Melisa Liebenthal


From her own personal experience and from talking with her lifelong friends, the filmmaker wonders about the mandates and prohibitions that mold the construction of the female gender, especially in terms of image.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 77 min.
Year: 2026
Direction: Melisa Liebenthal
Production: Eugenia Campos Guevara
>Edition: Sofía Mele, Melisa Liebenthal
Sound: Marcos Canosa
Sound mixing: Diego Martínez (Ñandú Sonido)
Original music: Ángeles Otero
Color correction: Lucas Pérez Sosto
Animation and titles: Alejandro Forero
Graphic Desing: Jonatan Amandy
Sales: Kino Bureau

Awards and festivals