Gentil Cine

A Provincial City / Rodrigo Moreno


A world is made of different things: people, houses, dogs, music, motorcycles, stores, nightlife, paperwork, trees. Like those photographers of the early twentieth century, we traveled to Colón, Entre Ríos, to document its present and thus build a unique and unrepeatable portrait. Two fishermen, teenagers playing truco, a discotheque, a few local bush players, a rural rugby team, lots of stray dogs, an afternoon at the town hall and two friends on motorcycles make up most of this story that, far from being anthropological, turns out to be anarchic and capricious.

Technical specifications

Runtime: 88 min.
Year: 2017
Direction and script: Rodrigo Moreno
Production: Agustín Gagliardi
Director of photography: Alejo Maglio
Sound: Catriel Vildosola
Editing: Martín Mainoli, Rodrigo Moreno, Ignacio Masllorens
Director assistance and direct sound: Felipe Solari Yrigoyen
Produced by: Gentil & Compañía Amateur

Awards and festivals